What we already done
  • Island Falcon

    Island Falcon Group of United Arab Emirates is specialized in real estate, recruitment, and tourism and now have extended their business to Bosnia and Herzegovina. We have created a website for their business.

  • Handgjorda Saker

    Swedish website for presentation and resale of hand made products. Project was created from scratch, including project planning, design, conceptual solution and was completed successfully.

  • Gigalube

    Gigalube is a Swedish company that’s refining and adating oils and lubricants for motors and machines. We did a full website redesign with a shop feature.

  • Gardakvarnen

    Gardakvarnen is official website for supports of GAIS football club. They requested a complete redesign of their visual identity and a wide range of new features including online ticket reservations etc.

  • GAIS

    GAIS is a Swedish First Division soccer team from Gothenburg. We did a total redesign of their website and a conceptual way to present their team online and population the websites with results, news and tables from First Division using API technology.

  • EHC Teknik

    EHCteknik is a Swedish company producing gas pipes’ filters. They wanted a full redesign of their existing website.

  • World Lotteries

    World Lottories is a website of World Lotteries association. They were asking for a facelift and full redesign of their already existant website with some additional new features.

  • Almedals Golv

    Almedalsgolv is a company that’s producing and selling hard floors. We had developed a complete website for them with a specifically requested photo galleries of different floor types and for everything they are selling and producing.

  • Bilweb

    Bilweb is a new and used car market of Swedish car saloons. We were gathering information from different websites of different car sales offices through our scrapers and scripts we developed ourselves.

  • Radio Glas Drine

    Radio Glas Drine is a public radio channel and this website is their news portal with online radio stream.